Adaptions of the International Council

ByUrs Hauenstein

Adaptions of the International Council

Adaptations of the International Council:
In a long board retreat, the International Council made various adjustments:

1 Name
The long name criticized by many partners has been shortened.

New name: International Council for Education and Management; Abbreviation: ICEM

Old name: International Council for Leadership | Governance | Entrepreneurship | management; Abbreviation: ICLGEM

2 Strategy
The core strategy of the International Council has been adjusted to Priority & Effectiveness / Change Management, Performance Management, Transformation Management

3 Research
The International Council will increasingly support selected university research projects and programs, and will help to create and implement new research platforms.

4 Events
The International Council will launch international, which will take place at excellent universities and colleges.

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Urs Hauenstein administrator

Urs Hauenstein is the Founding President of the International Council ICEM and one of the Goodwill Ambassadors, Keynote Speakers. He is working as Honorary & Distinguished Visiting Professor | Honorary & Senior Research Fellow in different Universities.