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Project Anthropocene

ByUrs Hauenstein

Project Anthropocene

We are living since 11‘700 years, geologically spoken, within the epoch of Holocene. But we have to finish this era of waste immediately! We have to officially announce, world wide, a new epoch of humanity and responsibility. In our working group scientists and politicians who are working on this are speaking about the new epoch of Anthropocene! We have to disseminate this world wide. We are all responsible for our blue planet and have to care about it. We are living in a new epoch, named Antropocene.

Project Manager for the International Council ICEM: Urs Hauenstein

Project Start: 01. September 2015

Project proposed end: 01. August 2025

About the author

Urs Hauenstein administrator

Urs Hauenstein is the Founding and acting President of the International Council ICEM. He is working as honorary & distinguished Visiting Professor of Management and Education for the Future and as Honorary & Senior Research Fellow in different Universities.